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Committed to the Cause

We operate solely on donations and volunteers. This means that none of our members are paid a penny. While we have our members listed, we are only successful with the help of the community. There are countless faces that make our mission possible and we are eternally thankful for each and everyone of you! If you are interested in becoming a more consistent member, please e-mail us. We'd love to hear from you!



Fun loving, kind, inquisitive. Just three words to describe the inspiration of Charlie & Friends. Charlie's life has changed drastically. Charlie & Friends aims to help all animals have a chance at life, just like Charlie.

Charlie is a professional joy giver. In the day, he can be found lounging on his favorite cushion, hiding his toys, or rolling in the grass. His soulful eyes and kind heart brings a smile to all he meets.



Krista was touched and inspired by another non-profit corporation and decided to take action. She is the driving force behind Charlie & Friends and keeps close communication with all members. There isn't an aspect of Charlie & Friends that Krista isn't involved in. She can be found organizing events, meeting with team members, collaborating directly with vendors, and physically working events.

During the week, Krista works as a First Grade Teacher. She feels strongly about helping today's youth experience the impact that one positive action can make. She models compassion and the importance of showing kindness towards animals for her students. 



Jordan has been offering his ideas and expertise since day one of Charlie & Friends. Jordan works closely with Krista and other team members to create an efficient and successful path toward our mission!  Jordan can be found behind the scenes, planning, and an active worker at our events.

During the week, Jordan spends his time fighting internet crime. He works behind the scenes for a national software provider, keeping their data secure. He has always been an animal lover and even had a pet duck, named Quack.

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Kristen came to a Charlie & Friends event as a guest, left as a volunteer, and quickly became a key player at Charlie & Friends! Her love for animals and helping others is evident after spending just a short amount of time with her. In addition to advertising, Kristen is largely involved in the planning of events from start to end. She has one dog, pictured above, Louis! 

Kristen works as a K-8 Art Teacher. She has seen the magic the expression of art has on a child. Her creative talents and empathetic heart naturally brought her to Charlie & Friends Nonprofit.



Tiffany offered help at Charlie & Friends first event and quickly grew into a very supportive and communicative role. As an animal lover and fur mom of four (three dogs and one cat), Tiffany is passionate about making connections with our community to gain support and grow our mission. From planning and communication to event set up and execution, Tiffany is there!

Tiffany is a master at juggling busy schedules. She takes care of humans in need as a nurse. She feels that compassion should be shown towards all living beings.



Josh hopped on board shortly after Charlie & Friends first event and has been a critical part of the team ever since. Josh can be found taking care of necessary details to ensure events run smoothly, from selling tickets at events to dropping off flyers with supporters, Josh does it all!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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